In 2013, I found myself exploring insurance and benefit options for my employees, within my broadcast company. I wanted to do something to help the people that meant so much to the success of our effort. The more I looked, however, the more confused and frustrated I got.

Fast forward to 2014, I had decided I needed to learn things for myself. I wanted to know what the agents walking in my door knew. Or at least enough to know what to ask. That’s when I decided to go to school to learn all I could about insurance and the employee benefits industry. It was quite an eye opener.

I quickly realized that there was a whole world of options available to business owners like me, and my employees, that I had no idea about. I also knew, because of the relationships I built over years, that my advertising clients didn’t know either. I, like so many, thought it was major medical group plans or nothing. Going that route would have been a financial back breaker for my business at that time. But there was so much more out there.

matt radioOnce I started to learn the broader strategies that could be put in place, I went and got my license and started helping friends with businesses translate and navigate the brier’s patch that is insurance. I had a chip on my shoulder to advocate for people in the way that I couldn’t find anyone to do for me.

By the Summer of 2015 I realized that this was something I felt passion for and decided to leave 20+ years of broadcasting and publishing businesses behind. I have been advising, consulting and assisting businesses and non-profits in this arena ever since. And I have never lost that chip on my shoulder either.

My Mission is to provide personalized needs assessment, education, ease of administration, cost savings and follow through presence.

Yours in service,
Matt Mittan

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