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Matt Mittan is committed to community service. For example, he has emceed the Leadercast, WNC event in Asheville, NC for several years. He also serves as Chairman for the Foundation for Arts at the Cener of Education and is on the Asheville Museum of Science Development Committee.

Welcome to the client landing page for Mittan Insurance.

Our goal is to serve as an advocate for businesses, non-profits and public entities in the area of Employee Benefits.

We start by listening, and learning what YOU need, and then develop strategies to best meet the needs of our client and their employees. Once that has been set in place we perform enrollments, ongoing service to both HR and employee needs and assist with claims.

On the individual level, we strive to educate folks so that they best understand what it is they are buying and how to get the most benefit from their coverage selections. And we are always ready to lend a personal hand.

We work with organizations both large and small, from home offices to multi-location, multi-state corporations. We work with independent contract-based shops to manufacturers and hospitals. Because here’s what it comes down to… People are people, no matter where they work. And in this ever changing insurance landscape, it is important to have someone who is about the service and not the sales.

That’s what brought Mittan Insurance into existence.

“I am doing for others what I couldn’t find anyone to do for me.”  Matt Mittan

“I have never experienced such an advocate, when in need, as Matt provides. He personally came to my home several times to get documents and receipts in order to get claim funds to me as quickly as possible. Matt’s drive to equip himself with tools for helping others is second to none. I consider it a privilege to have Matt as someone looking out for me.”

Patrick Wirtz, Owner of Wirtz Wire EDM

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